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Subject:  Portrait of the Platt Family - a watercolour

Artist:  Thomas Charles Wageman (1787-1863)

Provenance:  see below

Date:    1844  

Size:  20”x16”    

Condition:  Fine

Frame:   It is in a very fine, original, frame. The watercolour is glazed

Details:   Thomas Charles Wageman was an early 19th century portrait and miniature painter both in oil and watercolour.   

He was sufficiently eminent to be appointed Portrait Painter to the King of Holland.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1816-1848, and also at the British Institute of Artists, Suffolk Street, and the New Watercolour Society.

This very fine watercolour family portrait was painted in 1844.           

It is signed and dated and is of the Platt family of East Sheen.     

An old label on the reverse gives an address “Mrs. Platt, 18 Sheen Gate Gardens, East Sheen”.

It has a noted provenance, the St.Helier Gallery, Jersey, and is from the collection of the late John Appleby of that gallery.

The condition is fine.      

It is housed in a very fine, original, frame.

Price: £895

Please note the following: Chantry Fine Art are happy to supply buyers with a photographic image of this item and believe that all of the details given are correct to the best of their knowledge. Buyers may wish to carry out their own research and again, Chantry Fine Art are more than happy to supply any information that might assist - you can contact Chantry Fine Art either by telephone or email.

Digital reproduction through cameras and monitor screens may not render the true colours of the portraits.

Prospective buyers may also arrange, by appointment, to view individual items.

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