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Subject:  Portrait of a Young Girl with her Dog

Artist:  Catherine (Kate) Wylie  -  EXHB 1902 - 1940

Provenance:  See below

Date:    c 1900

Size:  Picture 35.5” x 26.5”   see below   

Condition:  Fine*

Frame:   Not original - see below


When we first viewed this portrait we though that it was by Millais, having many of the characteristics of that great artist.      

However, it is in fact by a distinguished lady artist, Catherine (Kate) Wylie, a Scottish artist and portrait painter who lived and worked from Homecraig, Skelmorlie, Ayrshire.       

She studied at the Glasgow School of Art and exhibited 47 works at the Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, 19 at the Royal Scottish Academy and 4 at the Royal Academy.

The portrait is contained within a fine Art Deco frame which is not the original, but which suits the subject perfectly.     

However, it was too small for the original portrait size and whoever reframed it folded the canvas by about 2 inches to fit the frame, but in so doing not only damaged it, but isolated the original signature within the damaged  portion of canvas. Regrettably we had no alternative but to reline the canvas, and have had to remove the signature, “C.Wylie” which is now appended to the reverse of the frame. It has also been cleaned and in now in excellent condition.           

It would grace any home as a fine example of Art Deco portraiture, with the additional attraction of her little dog wearing a blue bow.

The subject is not known.

The portrait size is 35 1/2” x 26 1/2”

Price: £2,950



Please note the following: Chantry Fine Art are happy to supply buyers with a photographic image of this item and believe that all of the details given are correct to the best of their knowledge. Buyers may wish to carry out their own research and again, Chantry Fine Art are more than happy to supply any information that might assist - you can contact Chantry Fine Art either by telephone or email.

Digital reproduction through cameras and monitor screens may not render the true colours of the portraits.

Prospective buyers may also arrange, by appointment, to view individual items.

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We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in Chantry Fine Art.

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